This 1940s Chevrolet was one of 55 cars at the Pilot Butte & District Lions "Gettin' Yer Kicks on Route 46" Car Show and Shine. Photos provided by Jim Boychuk

The ninth annual “Get Yer Kicks on Route 46” Car Show & Shine reached a milestone July 15 by raising about $2,000 for the Pilot Butte & District Lions Club Dog Guide Project.

Jim Boychuk, a Lions member and organizer of the car show, has been involved with the show since its inception. He said it hasn’t changed over the past nine years.

“It’s been a fundraiser since the beginning and over the years we have raised about $1,000 every year,” he said.

However, this year the Lions raised about $2,000, which will go towards the purchase of a dog guide. This dog will be trained to help a child with autism. The dog will cost roughly $10,000 and the car show has contributed 30 per cent of that total from the 2016 and 2017 shows.

“We had way more cars this year. Normally, we have around 37 or 38 cars,” said Boychuk. “This year, we broke 55.”

Many people came to see the cars on July 15 in Pilot Butte.

Along with the increase in cars, there was an increase in visitors to the car show. Many families came out to see the vehicles in front of the Dosu Wok.

“They were coming and going more this year than any other year,” Boychuk said. “It was a great day for families … It was really nice to see … Everyone was talking to each other about their cars and what they’ve done since last year.”

Boychuk spends months beforehand organizing the event and he said his favourite part of the car show is the actual day. He is not alone in the organization process. Lions members Ken Zabiaka, Larry McCrea, Dale Banks and Adam Kraslany were a big help to Boychuk.

Boychuk said the cars were exceptional this year.

The car show raised about $2,000 for the dog guide project.

“We had beautiful cars,” he said. “We’ve always had nice cars, but there were some exceptional ones this year.”

Sponsors of the day included Dosu Wok, The Hub, Gang Nail Trusses and Broncos Pub & Grill.