At Pilot Butte’s Aug. 14 council meeting, councillors discussed the highlights from the recent committee meetings they attended since their last meeting in July.

Councillor Jean Lowenberger attended the Parks and Recreation Committee meeting. She informed council all the dressing rooms at the rink were being painted, as well as the lobby.

During the last week in July, there was a camp for children ages 10 to 14 and it was said to be a success. There was hope to have another camp in August, but instead there is the possibility of having two camps next year.

“We tried it, it worked, we know it works, we know people are going to come,” said Town Administrator Brandi Morissette. “Next year, we can go bigger and better and budget for it.”

Parks and Recreation is also looking to set up a disc golf course in Pilot Butte. It’s a popular sport and Coun. Lowenberger said it is not expensive.

Councillor Lydia Riopka attended the July 26 Pilot Butte Rodeo Committee meeting.

“Improvements to the sound booth are being made and possibly putting another little section on for a VIP station,” said Coun. Riopka.

There is the possibility of renting the grounds to other rodeo groups, but nothing has been finalized.

For next year, the committee is already looking at what to add or change up.

“More speakers, possibly wireless Bluetooth so the concession can hear,” Coun. Riopka said. “They’re talking about moving heavy horse pull around and a longer intermission.”

The committee would like to see lights installed in the arena for the evening events. For now, the committee will continue to rent lighting fixtures.

The shoots are going to be painted as well as the announcer’s booth. Crusher dust is also being brought in.