Sleep Inn wins Gold Hospitality Award

The Emerald Park Sleep Inn won the 2017 Gold Hospitality Award for the third year in a row. Photo provided by Sleep Inn

Emerald Park’s Sleep Inn was recognized for a third year in a row for excellent service with the 2017 Gold Hospitality Award.

This award is handed out by Choice Hotels Canada. The Sleep Inn was chosen out of 320 hotels across the country. In order to qualify, hotels must excel in a variety of categories, including guest satisfaction and independent quality reviews.

“To be counted among this year’s Gold Award winners, for a third year in a row, is an absolute honour,” said hotel General Manager Natalie Cherry. “We take tremendous pride in being a member of the Choice Hotels Canada family of brands, and take our commitment to excellence and to delivering the highest standard of guest service very seriously. It’s our top priority.”

Cherry said this award means a lot to the staff. Her team works hard to make each guest’s stay an enjoyable experience. The customer service scores helped the hotel win the award.

“Every time a guest stays at our hotel, they will be e-mailed out a survey,” she explained. “They rate their experience at our hotel out of 10. We’ve consistently maintained a high average – about 9.3 out of 10 – since we’ve opened.”

The hotel also maintains brand standards and good standing within the Choice Hotels brand.

“We consistently meet their standards of upkeep and cleanliness and doing promotions,” she said.

Cherry said the guests appreciate the staffs’ friendliness.

“We welcome every guest as if they’re a friend. We respond to people’s needs from the time you call our hotel to checking in. We just want to make sure everybody has an amazing stay,” she said. “We take an interest in the people who stay at our hotels.”

Cherry said it’s an honour to receive the award for the third time because “it reminds you that you’re doing a really good job day to day.”

The staff is “the best I’ve ever had” according to Cherry and this award encourages the staff to keep up the good work.

The Sleep Inn does its best to stay engaged with the community.

“We really try and work with the community,” she said. “A lot of the people that stay at our hotel aren’t from the community, but that’s why we have programs like our birthday party packages and our family swim opportunities for locals.”

They also host trade shows and job fairs.

“We love being part of this community. The guest experience is our top priority,” said Cherry.